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About Us

About Us


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Welcome To Your Gate To Gorgeous Hair, Every Day.

It All Started Here.

We launched our first hair styling tool in 2016, and since then we have become an international market leader in the hair styling products industry, putting revolutionary new products in the hands of women all around the world.


  • Face The World With Confidence And Style.
  • Created And Inspired By The Power Of Hair Glamor.
  • We Empower. We Celebrate. We Care.

In all we do, we celebrate beauty with one goal in mind: to empower all women so they can achieve their full potential. We aspire to make every woman look stunning at all times. We offer the magical touch that won't take more than a few minutes only to help turn your ordinary days into extraordinary ones.


  • Gorgeous Salon-Like Hair Is Within Reach.
  • Be Fiercely You.

In response to women’s needs, we have created the most up-to-date product innovations with cutting-edge technology to make a genuine difference in the hair industry. We aim to hone our professional hairdressing expertise in designing products and technologies that meet your needs, yet designed with kinder styling technology, giving the healthier, stronger, shinier hair every time.

Our Family:

  • Created for professional stylists, hair enthusiasts, and everyone in between.
  • We Give You The Tools; You Create The Look.
Hot Brushes:

Our first, one-of-a-kind revolutionary hair straightening tool as we wanted to provide you with more than just a hair straightener, but one that is quick and effective.

Flat Irons:

A wide variety of irons to save you from regular salon visits. Designed for all hair types and textures, offering you a flawless frizz-free look.

Curling Irons:

A vast range of hair curlers to create versatile perfect curls without tugging or creasing, resulting in hair that is more glamorous and voluminous than ever.

Air Stylers:

Experience the best hair dryers and achieve a beautifully smooth blowout in minutes!


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  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Cash on Delivery
  • Secure Payment Methods
  • Different Installment Plans
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • After-Sales Services

Our Team:

A Passionate Bunch Of Brilliant Minds

We are more than 200 (and counting) engineers, marketers, developers, managers and leaders, bonded by a unique company vision and a well-defined and precise value compass.


Everything You Need to Know

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