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Our Vision:

We strive to make your day a little easier, as we are fully dedicated to make you look glamorous all the time. Knowing that women always have a busy hectic schedule, we offer you the magical touch that will never take up more than a few minutes. We help you turn every single day into a very special day by only few hair strokes. Inspired by the power of hair glamour, we created Rush Brush. Today, Rush Brush has grown into a leader within hair-styling products industry, creating innovative up-to-date hair-styling products that women choose to own.

Our Mission:

As a consequence, to the market demands, Stylish Eve has turned into a very interactive business, as through our massively popular worldwide Facebook page, we know exactly what women want. As for their need for a decent, healthy, in-style hair, we have created Rush Brush family. Rush Brush® presents hair-styling products that stand with everything StylishEve® magazine calls for, with durable American components. Our goal is to hone our professional hairdressing expertise in designing products and technologies that brings consumers valuable experiences to life, hence make a real difference in hair industry. Rush Brush® products comes with a 2-year warranty and a 14-day money-back guarantee, for any reason and with no justification.

Our Rush Brush Family:


It is our first product, as we wanted to provide you not only with a hair straightener, but one that is swift, effective, and a product that epitomized everything Stylish Eve® stands for. Rush Brush® Hair Straightening Brush with its anti-scald ceramic bristles and silicon heads gives you salon-quality hair straightening without spending a fortune. It's easy to use to give you frizz-free silky hair in just a few minutes to put the final touch on your charming look.


A straightener that is designed to put an end to salons visits, giving you a frizz-free and healthy shining hair. Rush Brush® Steam Straightener with its steam infused technology and tourmaline Nano-ceramic plates creates unmatched shiny, nourished, and silky hair.


An easy-to-use and fast solution to restore life back to your hair. It safely and professionally trims the very ends of the hair, preserving the hair length, and giving you the healthy look, you desire in no time.


Rush Brush 10 mm-Ultra-Slim Hair Curling Wand for creating super tight curls with no kinks or snags. It’s easy and fast to use for perfect long-lasting tight curls with a very glossy and smooth finish.


Rush Brush® Mini Ionic Brush produces negative ions directly to each hair strand which restores the ionic balance. It boosts shine, makes your hair smoother, less frizzy, and manageable. It helps seal and smoothen split ends, closing off broken hair cuticles. It also reduces the heat damage that you get with every blowout.


Rush Brush® 5-in-1 Hair Curler with tourmaline ceramic technology is a professional hair-styler that creates versatile perfect curls without tugging or creasing. With five interchangeable curling barrels, it eliminates your need for several different tools only with one, creating shinier, silkier, and more reflective hair.


Designed with a unique oval shape and soft curved sides, Rush Brush® Volumizing Air Brush creates volume at the roots and beautiful curls at the ends.


A new revolutionary hair straightening brush is now boosted by ionic technology and tourmaline-infused ceramic plating for silky, smooth, straight hair only with a single pass. It helps seal your hair cuticles and eliminate frizz, as well as add shine and repair your hair quality, making it smooth with a silky and lustrous look.


Whether styling for glamorous curls or sleek straight look, it will give you endless styling possibilities as your ultimate versatile styler. With the power of its ceramic plates, MCH instant heating feature, and rotational temperature switch, you will enjoy 5 heat settings for ultimate results that make it suitable for all hair types.


With the power of its two modes of massaging and ionic power, it is specially designed to improve your hair texture from roots to ends. It removes static and smooth hair cuticles whilst promoting hair regrowth and providing hair with instant shine.


With its 2300W AC motor, it dries your hair faster and with higher power for the smoothest, shiniest styles. It features 3 heat and 2-speed settings that give your hair drying and styling flexibility. Equipped with two concentrator nozzles to dissipate the heat evenly, prevent your hair from being damaged, and create a textured and smooth style.


Engineered with an innovative touch and ionic technology, it ensures that you never have a frizzy hair day. It encompasses all the specifications for a daily and quick dry with no damage to your hair.


With a powerful and durable 1800W motor, it features ionic technology that creates millions of negative ions that break down the water molecule in the hair, allowing your hair to dry so much faster. It creates beautiful, frizz-free styles while protecting the health of your hair.

- Pentium Styler

It will give you wavy curls at the ends in addition to straightening your hair at the roots in minutes. With the power of its streamlined design, tourmaline-ceramic plates, and 4 Interchangeable temperature settings.

As never before, the wooden brushes from Rush Brush®️ are the best choice for healthy hair for all the family.

- Wooden Paddle Brush

It leaves your hair silky and detangled due to its natural beech wood bristles, improves blood circulation in your scalp, and distributes natural oils on the hair.

- Pro Paddle Brush

Brushes and styles hair easily without pulling. It is heat resistant to be used with hair styling tools, and it’s also designed to prevent split ends.

- Oval Bamboo Paddle Brush

It keeps your hair detangled. It’s made of anti-bacterial Bamboo wood. Its bristles improve circulation on the scalp and distribute natural oils evenly to stimulate hair growth. Its small size makes it perfect for traveling as you can easily slide it into your purse.

- Boar Bristle Brush

It has bristles made of natural material that distributes natural oil in the hair, leaving it shiny and healthy. It also brushes thick hair quickly and efficiently due to its tough nylon pins.

- Honey Bunny Kit

It's made of 100% natural components. It massages soft spots in your child’s scalp safely to improve circulation, prevent dandruff, and ensure a clean, healthy scalp for your child.

Our Departments:

- Research & Development Department

We are dedicated to use on-going developed technologies and methods to deliver outstanding products that meet the anticipated customers’ expectations. We also work on improving our existing products, keeping up with the latest updates in the world of hair-styling. In addition to our expertise in consumer evaluation, analytical, and many other fields, we manage to address the different consumer needs around the world and deliver innovative products to worldwide markets.


Essential developments to the Rush Brush® have been made starting from the metal ceramic heater to the increase of the color variety. It is now available in seven fabulous high-gloss color finishes. The metal ceramic heater has been given a thicker structure creating a narrower spacing between each bristle. The surface of the brush has become flat in order to reach the deepest parts of your hair equally. This ensures faster, safer, and more reliable results.

- Quality Department

Our quality team follows the American and Canadian quality and safety standards, making sure that every single product fully meets the international quality standards.

- Manufacturing & Logistics Department

Rush Brush product-line originates in the U.S., assembled precisely in Chinese factories and delivered carefully to 55 countries around the world.

- Marketing Department

Our Marketing team stay up-to-date with the latest technologies in hair-styling. In collaboration with all other departments, and based on customers’ and market’s demands, we tend to satisfy the consumer and reflect the true image of our company.

- Customer Service Department

Our Customer Service team is always at the service of our customers to help them with any queries and listen to all their suggestions and feedbacks. We have a huge friendly, expertly trained team members who are available for you all week long, providing you with before and after sales service, making sure you are satisfied with our products and services. We seek professionalism, as we work collaboratively to provide the best service to please our customers. Not only satisfied, but aim to make our customers constantly content with Rush Brush constant experience.


Rush Brush’s innovation is embodied in its Intellectual Property.

Rush Brush is now a trademark of Stylish Eve, Inc. registered in The United States of America, The United Kingdom, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and The European Union.