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Make Money Online with Stylish Eve® Affiliate Program

Join the Stylish Eve® Affiliate Program and start earning with a cash commission of 8% on every successful purchase from Rush Brush® products.

How can I join Stylish Eve® Affiliate Program?

You can now start your business as an affiliate marketer with the highest commission marketing programs in Egypt and the Arab world.

Stylish Eve® Affiliate Program includes existing and new clients, and you can simply subscribe in simple steps as follows:

1- Log in to your account from here

- (If you do not have an account on our website, create an account for free).

- Then you will be directed to your control panel as a customer on our website.

2- Apply to join the Affiliate Program

- Select "My Affiliate Account" from the list, then apply to join Stylish Eve® Affiliate Program by filling in your details from here.

- (Once you have registered with all the details, you will receive a confirmation email.)

3- Advertise

- By selecting "Share & Earn" from the menu, you will find your sharing link.

- Just share it with your followers to buy Rush Brush® products in more than one channel such as:

* Copy and paste the link to the place you want to share it, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or any social media.

* Or you can invite friends via email.

4- Win

- Earn up to 8% on all sales gained by clicking on your link and making a successful purchase.

** Please note that on days of offers, the cash commission will be only 5% on every successful purchase.

5- Track your earnings

- We provide indicators of your performance through detailed reports, just choose "My Affiliate Marketing Report" from here , where you can know your total sales and commissions in the form of a chart, in addition to the ability to download this data in the form of files or images.

How can you withdraw earnings?

You can request to withdraw your earnings from here.

You can collect your cash from Vodafone Cash - Bank Transfer - Egyptian Post - PayPal or in cash from the Treasury in the Finance Department at Lauran in Alexandria’s branch.

** Please note that the minimum withdrawal amount is 500 EGP.