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How is Rush Brush different from straightening irons?

Rush Brush can straighten your hair 1 x faster than traditional straightening irons.

No burns, no frizz and no wasted time.

Revolutionary anion technology eliminates static so your hair stays sleek, shiny & straight even in humid conditions. This innovative technology helps your hair maintain its natural nutrients so you look great! Traditional straightening irons dry out your hair which creates static.

Rush Brush takes only 30 seconds to heat up and be ready to use - straightening irons takes several minutes. With Rush brush, you eliminate the possibility of burning your fingers or ears when used correctly. You can use your Rush Brush to gently massage your scalp and detangle your hair with zero damage.

With high-temperature-resistant engineering plastic from America, Rush Brush shells are built to last. Safety first – Rush Brush has an automatic 30-minute automatic cut out, making sure you don’t have to panic if you forget (or think you might have forgotten) to switch it off when in a rush.

How many minutes will I have to wait for my RUSH BRUSH to warm up before I can use it?

Rush Brush heats up to 230 C (450℉) in only 30 seconds. It’s hot and ready to use in HALF A MINUTE!

Will my hair stay straight all day?

Many Rush Brush buyers say that their hair remains straight and frizz free for several days, even in humid conditions. A combination of anion technology to eliminate static and Rush Brush’s ability to straighten hair at lower temperatures to stop your hair from drying out ensures that your hair will stay straighter for longer.

Does Rush Brush work on all types of hair?

Certainly… Whether you have strong black hair or fine fly-away hair, Rush Brush will achieve fantastic results and has been designed to cope with even the thickest of hair.

Can Rush Brush overheat and melt if I forget to switch it off?

The answer is no, for several reasons. First, Rush Brush is temperature controlled and governed by a thermostat to regulate the temperature. Second, the moment you pick up your Rush brush you will notice its solid outer casing. Rush Brush is a quality hair brush made from high-quality materials. The outer casing is molded from US engineering grade plastic and is designed to make your Rush Brush last. Finally, as an added safety feature, Rush Brush has an automatic cut out after 30 minutes just in case you forget to switch it off when you have finished using it.

Does your hair need to be completely dry before using the Rush Brush?

Rush Brush works best on dry hair. It can be used on hair that is slightly damp, but by this we do not mean ‘towel dry’. However, as you become more experienced with your Rush Brush, you may find you want to use it in conjunction with a hair softener, fixing liquid or gel.

Can I burn myself using a Rush Brush?

Unlike traditional straightening irons, it is next to impossible to burn yourself using Rush Brush. You can forget about having to be extra-careful straightening hair around your ears! Even the tips of the Rush Brush bristles are thermally insulated so you can massage your scalp, while this insulation also protects your fingers when using the brush. The only part of Rush Brush that becomes extremely hot is the brush plate itself, and you would have to make a deliberate effort to touch this – it is not recommended! Through the use of high-grade engineering plastic for the shell of the Rush Brush and high insulation qualities, the outside shell of your Rush Brush will not overheat and the handle should remain unheated.

Can Rush Brush damage my hair?

Rush Brush uses anion technology which helps your hair to maintain your hair’s natural nutrients. Rush Brush does not rely on damaging excessive heat to straighten your hair, so it will not dry your hair out like a traditional straightening iron. Rush Brush can only be heated to a safe maximum temperature. However, we strongly advise you do not use your Rush Brush at temperatures higher than recommended for your type of hair.

Can I use “leave-in” hair products with my Rush Brush?

You most certainly can. While we recommend that you use Rush Brush only when your hair is dry, it is safe to use products for conditioning your hair as well as fixing gels/liquids. If you do use hair products, we recommend you clean your Rush Brush immediately after use, but only once is has cooled down completely.

Is Rush Brush safe for Children?

Yes, Rush Brush is safe for everyone. However, Rush Brush should not be used by anyone under the age of 14 without the supervision of a responsible adult.

What happens if I damage my Rush Brush?

Because Rush Brush is an electrical item, if it becomes damaged in any way, especially if the outer casing is cracked or the cord damaged, you must stop using your Rush Brush immediately. The outer casing of Rush Brush is made from durable engineering-grade plastic from the USA to maximize the life of your Rush Brush. However, we do not guarantee it as being ‘shockproof’. Your Rush Brush is carefully designed to withstand normal everyday use.


Does RUSH BRUSH have a warranty?

Yes it does. Your Rush Brush has a Two Years replacement warranty that you will find in the package that the brush comes in. So if your Rush Brush is defective, malfunctions, because of faulty workmanship or material within a Two years period from your purchase date, simply contact us or the merchant who you bought your Rush Brush.

Rush Brush proudly upholds (and exceeds) the guarantees and standards that are required under the American Consumer Law. With that said, you are permitted to a refund or replacement if your Rush Brush experiences a serious failure. And you are also permitted to seek compensation for any other rationally projected loss or damage. Plus, if your Rush Brush fails to be of satisfactory quality (even if there is not a major failure), you are also entitled to have your Rush Brush repaired or replaced.

Warranty Details:
  • For warranty claims you must contact the point of purchase (who you bought it from) along with your Letter of Guarantee and receipt of purchase.
  • This warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser.
  • This warranty is in addition to your legal rights and does not in any way replace them.
  • This warranty does not include or apply to accessories that may be supplied with your Rush Brush.
  • Replacement Rush Brushes (and/or parts) are covered by a limited warranty for the remainder of the warranty period from the date of your original purchase.
Warranty Terms and Conditions:
  • DO NOT operate the Rush Brush if the unit has been dropped, if it has a damaged plug or cord, or if it has been in contact with water.
  • DO NOT attempt to repair your Rush Brush on your own or disassemble or you may risk an electric shock. The power supply cord must be replaced by a qualified electrician if it is damaged. If the Rush Brush is repaired or reassembled improperly, the person(s) who use it, may be at risk of electric shock or injury to persons when using the Rush Brush.
  • The Rush Brush has not been neglected, misused, altered, abused, repaired or modified by anyone at anytime.
  • The Rush Brush has only been subjected to normal and fair wear and tear.
  • The Rush Brush has only been used for normal consumer use and has not been used for trade, professional or paid purposes.
  • The Rush Brush has not been damaged by substances, foreign objects or an accident in any way.

What does the two-years warranty cover?

Rush Brush is a quality hair straightener and every effort is made to ensure you receive a fully-functioning brush. However, in the unlikely event it does not work and you have followed our troubleshooting guidelines in the instruction booklet that comes with your Rush Brush, simply contact our customer support and we will arrange for the return of your original Brush and a replacement brush to be swiftly sent to you. If your Rush Brush stops working after you have begun using it and following the troubleshooting advice your brush still does not work, then contact our Customer Support and we will arrange for your brush to be either repaired or replaced and sent back to you promptly. Please note that the two-years warranty only covers manufacturing faults and defects and does not cover any damage caused to the Rush Brush through accidental damage or inappropriate use. Please refer to our Delivery & Returns page in the event you have any problems with your Rush Brush.

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