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What is the Return Policy?

customer support posted this on May 6, 2019
If, for any reason, you have a-change-of-heart situation, Rush Brush® accepts product-return within 14 days of initial purchase date on the receipt, and we will refund the whole purchase money amount, only if the packaging is unopened and the packaging seal is intact. It can extend to 30 days in the case of a manufacturing defect. Shipping charges are deducted from the total money amount after receiving the product and inspecting it to confirm its condition.
How to return?
  1. Speak to one of our customer service representatives to request a refund and issue a bill of lading within 48 hours.
  2. After receiving the bill of lading number from the customer service department, head to the nearest Aramex branch and hand in the product.
  3. Choose the method of refund from one the following options:
    • In case of cash payment, you can pay through (Post Office - bank - Vodafone cash)
    • In case of payment by Visa, you can pay through Paypal.
Required Information:
  • For a return through the Post Office(Full name and ID). You can withdraw the money amount from the nearest post office.
  • For a return through the bank: (Full name - Account number - Bank name - Branch name - SWIFT Code.)
  • For a return through Vodafone Cash (mobile number and name). You can withdraw the money amount from the nearest Vodafone branch.
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