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Does RUSH BRUSH have a warranty?

Mo'men Darwish posted this on Apr 19, 2019
Yes it does. Your Rush Brush has a Two Years replacement warranty that you will find in the package that the brush comes in. So if your Rush Brush is defective, malfunctions, because of faulty workmanship or material within a Two years period from your purchase date, simply contact us or the merchant who you bought your Rush Brush. Rush Brush proudly upholds (and exceeds) the guarantees and standards that are required under the American Consumer Law. With that said, you are permitted to a refund or replacement if your Rush Brush experiences a serious failure. And you are also permitted to seek compensation for any other rationally projected loss or damage. Plus, if your Rush Brush fails to be of satisfactory quality (even if there is not a major failure), you are also entitled to have your Rush Brush repaired or replaced
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