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exceptional quality

Exceptional Quality

Rush Brush is built to last. Made from the highest-quality materials Rush Brush comes in a choice of three durable temperature-resistant casings molded from engineering plastic made in the USA. As with all quality products from Stylish Eve, your Rush Brush will also come with a no-quibble 1-YEAR WARRANTY.

perfect for every type of hair

Perfect for Every Type of Hair

Whether you have coarse or fine, wavy or curly, frizzy or fly-away hair, Rush Brush is the perfect hair straightener for you. With easy-to-adjust temperature settings, your Rush Brush has been carefully designed to ensure you get fantastic results, every single time, without ever damaging your hair.

fast and effective

Fast and Effective

Advanced technology means Rush Brush is ready to use in only 30 seconds and with just a few strokes of your Rush Brush you will get instant and impressive results. Quick and easy to use, Rush Brush saves so much time – so get your day off to a great start with Rush Brush!

Gentle on your hair – no pressing, dragging or applying damaging excessive heat.

Ultra-safe – automatic switch off after 30 minutes for extra peace of mind.

Ergonomic design makes the Rush Brush comfortable to use.

1-Year Warranty but built to last a lifetime!

Rush Brush not only gets fabulous results; it looks fabulous too!

Available in three fabulous high-gloss color finishes.

Highest-quality durable exterior shell made from American engineering plastic.