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We have officially obtained the International Quality Certificate - ISO (ISO 9001: 2015) as the standard quality management system to meet the quality standards of our products and services.

For complying with the fulfillment of requirements such as:

Improving quality for customers and increasing customer satisfaction through the customer service department to achieve continuous improvements in our performance and after-sales services. As well as the work of the Marketing Department in cooperation with the Accounts and Sales Department, and the Maintenance Department in order to market our products in a way that reflects the company's true values. In addition to human resource management, which is a key factor in the development of our company performance.

RUSHBRUSH® a leader in the hair-styling industry, creating innovative up-to-date hair-styling products with durable American components.

At RUSHBRUH, Inc, we will continue to focus our attention on carrying out our mission to provide everything our customers deserve to meet all your daily needs with new ideas and innovations that make a real difference to your life. This makes us one of the first brands to obtain this high degree in this field in Egypt.

We also take the opportunity to thank our staff for their active contribution and continuous efforts to achieve this progress.